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WTEI Code Image Part Number Classification Description Package Stock Available
110-076 SN74LS196N SN74LS196N IC IC counter latch,Ripple, preset input brand: Texas Instruments DIP-14 27
110-077 HD74LS20P HD74LS20P IC IC Dual 4-Input NAND Gates brand: Motorola DIP-14 45
110-078 SN74LS21N SN74LS21N IC IC Dual 4-Input AND Gate brand: Texas Instruments DIP-14 3
110-079 SN74LS240N SN74LS240N IC IC Octal Buffer/Line Driver, 3-State Inverting Bus-Oriented Ckt brand: Texas Instruments DIP-20 6
110-080 HD74LS241P HD74LS241P IC IC Octal Buffer/Line Driver, Three State DIP-20 14
110-081 SN74LS245N SN74LS245N IC IC Octal Bus Transceiver, 3-State, True Bus Oriented Ckt brand: Texas Instruments DIP-20 164
110-082 74LS253 74LS253 IC IC Schottky TTL, Dual 4 to 1 Data Selector/MUX DIP-16 130
110-083 DM74LS259N DM74LS259N IC IC Logic, TTL, 8 Bit Addressable Latch brand: FAIRCHILD DIP-16 2
110-084 SN74LS26N SN74LS26N IC IC Gates, nand, Quad-2-input buffer,open collector to 15V brand: Motorola DIP-14 45
110-085 HD74LS27P HD74LS27P IC IC Trpl 3-IN Pos-Nor Gate (HD74LS27P) DIP-14 27
110-086 HD74LS273P HD74LS273P IC IC Octal Edge-Triggered w/ Clear D-FlipFlop DIP-20 28
110-087 74LS30 74LS30 IC IC 8-IN NAND Gates DIP-14 Out of stock
110-088 HD74LS32P HD74LS32P IC IC Quad 2-Input OR Gates DIP-14 Out of stock
110-089 74LS365A 74LS365A IC IC Three-State Hex Buffer DIP-16 34
110-090 SN74LS366AN SN74LS366AN IC IC 3-State Hex Inverter brand: Motorola DIP-16 12
110-091 HD74LS373P HD74LS373P IC IC 8-Bit, Transparent, D-Type, 3-State Latch DIP-20 31
110-092 HD74LS374P HD74LS374P IC ICOctal Edge-Triggered, Three State D-FlipFlop DIP-20 35
110-093 HD74LS38P HD74LS38P IC IC Quad 2-Input Buffer, Open Collector NAND Gates DIP-14 3
110-094 DM74LS534N DM74LS534N IC IC Octal Edge-Triggered, Three-State, Inverting D-Flip-Flop brand: National Semiconductor DIP-20 40
110-095 SN74LS641N SN74LS641N IC IC Bus oriented circuit, Octal bus tranceiver with common output enable brand: Texas Instruments DIP-20 Out of stock
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