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WTEI Code Image Part Number Classification Description Package Stock Available
110-016 MM74C00N MM74C00N IC IC Gate Nand Quad 2 Input DIP-14 5
110-017 74C14 74C14 IC IC Trigger Hex Schmitt DIP-14 213
110-018 MM74C154N MM74C154N IC IC Decoder/demux 4-TO-16 brand: National Semiconductor DIP-24 2
110-019 74C48 74C48 IC IC Decoder BCD-7Segment DIP-16 4
110-020 MM74C74N  MM74C74N IC IC Flip Flop Dual D-Type DIP-14 Out of stock
110-021 MM74C902N MM74C902N IC IC Buffer Hex Non-Inv TTL brand: National Semiconductor DIP-14 7
110-022 SN74F08N SN74F08N IC IC Quadruple 2-Input Positive-AND Gate brand: Texas Instruments DIP-14 53
110-023 SN74F138N SN74F138N IC IC Logic, F-TTL, 3 to 8 Decoder/Demultiplexer brand: Texas Instruments DIP-16 20
110-024 74F151 74F151 IC IC multiplexers digital, 8-input, complementary output MC74F151N brand: MOTOROLA DIP-16 Out of stock
110-025 SN74F161AN SN74F161AN IC IC Synchronous Counter Binary 4Bit brand: Texas Instruments DIP-16 50
110-026 MC74F174N MC74F174N IC IC Quad Three State, Flip-flops D- type brand: Motorola DIP-16 16
110-027 74F175N 74F175N IC IC Quad D Flip Flop w/ Clear brand: Signetics DIP-16 9
110-028 SN74F244N SN74F244N IC IC Oct Buff/Driver brand: Texas Instruments DIP-20 50
110-029 SN74F245N SN74F245N IC IC Oct Bus Xcvr 3-State brand: Texas Instruments DIP-20 10
110-030 SN74F374N SN74F374N IC IC Oct D-Type Flip Flop brand: Texas Instruments DIP-20 37
110-031 HD74HC10P HD74HC10P IC IC Triple 3-Input NAND Gates brand: Hitachi DIP-14 3
110-032 SN74HC14N SN74HC14N IC IC Inverter Hex Schmt-Trg brand: Texas Instruments DIP-14 Out of stock
110-033 M74HC147B1 M74HC147B1 IC IC decoders, 10-4 line priority Encoder brand: STMicroelectronics DIP-16 10
110-034 SN74HC163N SN74HC163N IC IC, Counter Single 4-Bit Sync Binary UPbrand: Texas Instruments DIP-16 20
110-035 74HC251 74HC251 IC IC Data Selector Mux DIP-16 Out of stock
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